Mind|Body Fitness Challenge

Join us starting March 1 as we open up the first ever Mind|Body Fitness Challenge!

The goal this month is to keep up the positive habits & momentum we've all been building since New Years (or use this as a time to jump in on starting a new routine!) There's no better way to reach our goals than by taking consistent action with the positive support of others.  

The Mind|Body Fitness Challenges consists of:   

4 workouts a week for 4 weeks -  2 Yoga classes & 2 Pilates classes (at minimum) weekly

The classes & studio set up was designed to get you optimal results when taking both Pilates & Yoga together.  The strength building & fat burn from Pilates increases when you take time to stretch & recover in Yoga.  The flexibility & breath development in Yoga will increase proper alignment & depth in your Pilates practice.  Following this routine, you'll end the month with amazing strength, awesome abs and lots of peace & appreciation for your body! 

Benefits of joining & completing the Mind|Body Fitness Challenge:

  • Half price membership for the month of April (yes, you read that right!)
  • A stronger, leaner body
  • More control over your breath & increased respiratory function
  • Increased muscle strength & tone
  • Improved stabilization of your spine & posture
  • Development of body awareness
  • Deeper sleep 
  • Management of stress & relaxation
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness & circulation
  • Increased mobility & release of joint tension

This is also a great time to bring a friend for FREE! All monthly members are welcome to bring a guest to any class they attend.  One FREE class per individual.  

Let us know if you're planning on joining us!  Make sure to invite your friends & grab a workout buddy for additional support.  We're here to help you achieve your goals & find your optimal Mind|Body strength.  Leave us a comment below telling us what you want to get out of the challenge.

See you on the mat!