Welcome to The Studio!

We hope you feel as comfortable in this community as you do in your own home. To elevate your experience, here's what you need to know before you take your first class:

• What class should I start with if I'm brand new?
              + We recommend beginning with Yoga 1.  This class will teach you basic alignment principles that will keep your body safe in all future classes.  You'll be introduced to Sun Salutations (which are a vital part of each yoga class), as well as poses & moves that you can carry with you to Pilates & Yoga 2.  

• What do I need to bring?
Honestly, just yourself & a smile is always enough!  A mat is needed if you have one (although we do have rentals for $2) & you also might want to bring water & a towel in case it gets sweaty up in here. 

• What should I wear?
          + Something comfortable & easy to move around in.  We recommend fitted exercise clothes that wick away moisture.    

• When should I arrive?
          + Please arrive 10-15 minutes early.  This will give you time to check out the space, meet your instructor & fill out new student paperwork (which you can also do HERE!)  Make sure to tell your instructor about any injuries or surgeries you've had.

With the link above, you'll be asked to create a Wellness Living account to make payments & manage your studio schedule.

Other FAQ's

• Do I need to pre-register for each class?
          + While you're welcome to drop in to any class, we recommend registering so your instructor knows what & who to expect.  Classes have been filling fast & this secures your spot!

• What are your regular business hours?
          + We're ALWAYS open 15 minutes before every class.  Please check the schedule if you'd like to drop by!  You can always email thestudiomindbody@gmail.com or send us a message on Facebook if you have any questions. 

• What if I'm not flexible?
          + Flexibility is not a prerequisite to any class.  Honestly, it makes it easier because you don't have to go as far!  Flexibility is built over time with a consistent practice, so don't worry.  We have props for you to use that support your body & encourage this skill to develop.

• What if I have injuries or I'm expecting?
We always recommend you talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness program.  Once you're good to go, our instructors can give you modifications to each move & exercise.  If you'd like to take it slow & get some personal attention before you start class in a group, we recommend scheduling a private session.  

• How often should I practice yoga & pilates?
          - We recommend at least 4 classes a week.  Taking 2 yoga & 2 pilates classes weekly will help you quickly see results in your strength, balance & flexibility.  Our studio was designed with classes that synergistically work together to increase optimal body performance over time.  The more the merrier!