Awesome Toes
Great for stretching & strengthening toes & feet, improving balance & helping create a solid foundation in your yoga practice.


Yoga Jellies
Wrist support for people with arthritis, carpel tunnel, past injuries or just looking for more hand stability in their yoga practice.


Yoga Wheel
Helps massage the spine, open the front side of the body, assist in deeper backbends & challenge/strengthen balance in your yoga practice.

$37.00 $49.00

Jade Elite Yoga Mat
Our favorite yoga mat!  The sturdiest & most supportive for delicate joints. Makes you feel strong & in control with a great grip. It’s just a bit wider & longer than most mats too - giving you more space & stability.

Yoga Bolster
We use these in our restorative/yin classes to assist the body in various ways. Great for extra support, opening & lengthening for your body.


Yoga Wonderblock
These yoga blocks are ergonomically designed to comfort your hands & neck in various poses.  Helps to improve optimal alignment, enhance balance & control, also while helping you feel more secure & add some arm length to your poses. 


Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion
If you're interested in starting a home meditation practice, this is our go-to seat.  Perfect way to elevate the hips, lengthen the spine & make it easier to sit for a longer length of time.

Takeya Insulated Water Bottle
The best water bottle we've tried!  Super insulated to keep drinks cold or hot, stainless steel design (great for adding essential oils), & sweat free, non-slip base.


Yoga Strap & Mat Carrier
This versatile strap can be used in your yoga practice for deeper stretching & is also strong enough to carry your Kurma mat.

$11.78 $13.49

Massage Ball
A great way to get knots out of shoulders, legs & back.  Use anywhere you need some self-massage!


How Yoga Works Book
Amazing novel illustrating the philosophy of yoga & how it works to heal the body from the inside out.


Foam Roller
One of the best tools to release tension in muscles & connective tissue. We recommend using this daily after your workouts!


If you've been inside our studio, you know how much we LOVE Young Living Essential Oils. 
They have the power to change your health, change your practice, change your motivation & ultimately change your life.  

If you're interested in learning more, check out our link below for all the details!