Paddle Board Power

If you haven't seen the news... The Studio Mind|Body has expanded to offer Paddle Board Yoga classes at the Boulder City Public Pool!

We know taking classes inside a studio can get a bit repetitive & we want to shake things up as much as you do.  We've compiled some frequently asked questions below so you know what to expect from a class.  Be sure you grab our Summer Special Discount @ the bottom of the page!

What is Paddle Board Yoga?  
• Paddleboard Yoga is done on an inflatable surf-like board that has a built in yoga mat.  The entire class is done from the board inside a pool.

Why should I try Paddle Board Yoga?
• It's a better workout!  The lack of stability from the water helps keep your core engaged constantly - quickly building up stronger abdominal muscles. 
• It's empowering!  You can't help but smile when you're floating & playing on the water.  You'll love how much you're capable of & the freedom of completely being tuned in to the present moment. 
• It's fun!  Taking your workout outside of the studio will keep you on your toes & help accentuate your strength.  With the last month of summer just beginning, it's the perfect time to try something new & get outside to play.  

What do I wear?
• Something comfortable - your regular workout clothes work perfectly!

I've never been on a Paddle Board before. Will I fall in the water?
• Maybe, but thats the fun part!   Our paddle boards are designed specifically for yoga so while they are extra wide & stable, it's still a possibility depending on how far you challenge your balance.  ;)

Do I need to sign up before hand?
Yes!  These classes are currently limited to 9 people & spots fill up quickly.  In order to make sure you have a board, we recommend booking a day (at least!) in advance. 

Where do we meet?
All classes are held at the Boulder City Public Pool (861 Ave. B).  Just walk in, tell the front desk you're there for yoga & we meet on the back deck near the dive pool.

We're offering $15 off for the month of August.  Grab your spot & meet us at the pool!

Have more questions?  Email Leah @