Pilates Principles: Centering & Precision

In our last blog post we discussed three Pilates principles: Breathing, Concentration, and Control. I hope you had a chance to integrate them into your Pilates practice and enjoy their benefits! Today I would like to introduce two new Pilates principles: Centering and Precision. 


In Pilates we believe that the center of the body is the powerhouse. All movement rotates outward from this point. This explains why Pilates greatly focuses on creating a strong core. By bringing your focus to the center of your body you not only create greater strength within your movements, but you also calm both the body and the spirit. 


When we learn to utilize breathing, concentration, control and centering together we create precision with the body. In each Pilates exercise there are precise placements for each and every part of the body. If you understand where each movement begins and ends as well as the detailed instructions of each exercise you will create proper alignment. Precision will help you to build better results faster and become more aware of your body!


I challenge you each week to take some of these principles and incorporate them into both your Yoga and Pilates classes. We'd love to hear about your results!