New to the Studio?

The Studio Mind|Body's tranquil & spa-like atmosphere welcomes you to come as a student & leave as a friend.  Flickering candles, mood lighting, & airy, light decor create a space that feels like an oasis.   

Whether you've been practicing yoga & pilates for years or are just getting started on your fitness journey, you've made a great decision towards creating optimal health in your life.  

What to Expect 

Classes at The Studio Mind|Body are nothing to be intimidated by.  Each class is designed for all fitness levels and offers low-impact movements that make working out simple, effective & fun.  Upon entering, you'll be greeted and checked in by your instructor, who will have you fill out a waiver and inquire about past injuries, to ensure you have a safe class.  Spaces are provided for your belongings, so your personal items stay secure.  Classes are 1 hour long, and you'll walk out feeling stronger than before.

What to Bring

All you really need to bring is yourself. Make sure to wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that have a little give, so you can optimally move & explore your body on the mat.  It's best to bring water & an exercise mat, although we provide both for sale, as well as mat rentals. 

What We're About

In The Studio there are absolutely no judgements, for this is your personal practice.  We are all working towards different goals, at different rates, & this is a place for you to fully relax, rejuvenate, & re-inspire your life. There is absolutely no reason to pay attention to other students or compare strengths & weaknesses.  Yoga & Pilates are called "practices" because they are just that.  They are never finished, never perfected, and always evolving. 

If you have any questions, write us below or give us a call @ 702-505-0895.

We look forward to meeting you!

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