Supporting Your Health & Detoxing Your Life

This is the perfect place to be if you're ready to kick the chemicals out of your home & learn about supporting you & your families health with pure, plant based nutrients.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts from farm-grown & wildcrafted roots, herbs, flowers, trees, shrubs & leaves.  Young Living uses careful steam distillation, cold pressing & resin tapping to collect what arrives at your door.  Essential oils are very powerful & are able to reach every cell in your body within minutes of inhaliation & topical application.

Why use essential oils & why Young Living?


Essential oils have been used for over 5,000 years & were the original form of medicine in ancient times.

Young Living is the leading expert in the field with over 20 years of growing, distilling, bottling & researching plants.  They are the only essential oil company to own their own farms & have the strictest processes to ensure top quality product. Their Seed to Seal Process promises your family no synthetic chemicals EVER & the best plant products in the world. (You can even visit their farms & plant/harvest/bottle your own oils!)  As a health coach & wellness advocate, Young Living creates the only essential oil products I can trust & safely recommend to clients.

• They bypass digestion which means they work quickly & nothing is wasted or broken down by the gut.
• They are fat soluble and quickly reach your bloodstream within minutes of use.
• They cross the blood-brain barrier which effects every single system in your body & flows deep into your neurological pathways.
• They are safe & easy to use for all ages - even animals!
• They can be used through many applications. Apply them! Diffuse them! Ingest them!
• Young Living also carries supplements, cleaning products, food, nutritional products & personal care items to streamline your health & make switching to an all natural lifestyle super easy & time saving.

How do I get started? 

The best & easiest way to get going is with a Premium Starter Kit (PSK).  This kit contains everything you need to jumpstart your "medicine cabinet makeover" & ensure you have the basic oils on hand to support every system in your body & home.  Signing up with the PSK makes you a wholesale member - meaning you can then purchase any other products during the year at discounted prices!

Your Kit Includes:

11 Essential Oils-
Frankincense: Supports healthy skin when applied topically. Promotes feelings of calmness & balance. Increases spiritual awareness. May help smooth the appearance of aging skin. Rub on the bottom of feet to alleviate nervous energy.  Add to your daily skin care regime as an excellent moisturizer.
Digize: Supports a healthy digestive system. Helps alleviate nausea & upset stomach. Supports a healthy immune system.  Useful for occasional irregularity, constipation & heartburn.  Alleviates fullness, bloating & occasional gas.
Lavender: Supports a peaceful space & refreshing aroma. Use for winding down & relaxing before bedtime.  Creates a calming & comforting atmosphere. Add to your favorite hair, skin & body products for moisturizing benefits.
Lemon: Invigorates the mind & body.  Cleanses body systems. Supports proper nasal function.  Flavors water & balances Ph levels. Great for removing sticky residue & labels.
Peppermint: Promotes healthy bowel function. Supports proper digestion.  Natural breath freshener.  Promotes focus & clarity.  Helps relieve minor aches & pains. Encourages proper respiratory function. Suppresses appetite. Provides nervous system support during times of stress.
PanAway: Designed to relieve occasional muscle soreness & tension.  Helps soothe joints & ligaments. Promotes blood flow & circulation.  Great to use for after-workout recovery.
Copaiba: Supports body's natural response to injury or irritation. Aids in common digestive discomfort when taken internally.  Helps support overall wellness & immune health.  Magnifying oil - meaning it enhances the properties of other oils when mixed.
Purification: Neutralizes odors in the air. Moisturizes dry skin & helps clear acne breakouts.  Purify & cleanses stubborn odors. Uplifting & invigorating aroma.
R.C: Helps open sinus passages & relieves occasional congestion.  Supports proper respiratory function.  Rub on feet or chest to uplift & inspire. Massage on feet to encourage an atmosphere of comfort.
Thieves: Supports healthy immune system function.  Cleans the air & surfaces. Supports respiratory system.  Main ingredient of Young Living Thieves product line.  Use a couple drops in a spray bottle with water for cleaning.
Stress Away: Helps reduce nervous tension & induces relaxation. Supports nervous system to battle stress. Promotes normal sleep patterns. Refreshes the mind & invigorates the senses. Use to add a fun & fresh flavor to water. 

Also includes:
• Your choice of diffuser
• Ningxia Red - Young Livings superfood wellness drink
• Essential Oil sample packs (to share with friends or stash in your wallet for on-the-go!)
• Resources, educational tools, product guide & Essential Oil Magazine

The bottles included in your kit will last for months & can quickly replace many of the products you've been buying at the store.  In the long run they save your money, save you time, save your health & boost every organ, system & cellular function in your body.

If you're ready to get started...

Click the button below & sign up as a Wholesale member.  Choose your diffuser, type in your shipping info & you should have your kit in a week!

By ordering a kit through The Studio, you get access to a personal Essential Oil Health Coach.  Leah will help guide you through the process of integrating oils into your home & is there to answer any questions that come up along the way.  When you buy a PSK, your purchase also includes a private in person or phone session to go over the contents in the kit & get started with the information you need to begin your new wellness journey.


Why should I become a Young Living Wholesale Member vs. a Retail Member?

Wholesale members get 24% off & have the option to become Independent Distributors.  This means you can share the benefits of essential oils with friends & family while earning commissions & participate in promotions to earn free products!  Distributing & sharing is ALWAYS optional & you will never feel pressured to do so.  If you love the products & decide you do what to use it to earn additional income, let me know!  I'd love to support you in building your business. 

Is there a monthly minimum order?

- Nope!  You do not have to order monthly for being a Wholesale Member.  Once you order a PSK, you are free to order more products as the need arises...or not.  Never any hidden fees, contracts or annual membership costs.  Young Living stands by their product & lets it speak for itself!

Do I have to sell Young Living products as a Wholesale Member?

- Nope! Becoming a Wholesale Member just gives you access to the 24% discount.  No strings attached.

What kind of support do I get once I join?

- Your purchase includes a one-on-one Essential Oil Health Session to review the contents of your kit & answer any questions you might have. You'll also have access to our private Facebook group for more educational resources, ideas & support to elevate your health.

What's with the Autopay option when I try to sign up?

- Young Living does have a monthly Autoship program called Essential Rewards.  This program is always optional & can be started or cancelled at any time.  Essential Rewards is a way to make sure you have the products your family needs for continued wellness.  This program gives you discounted shipping, monthly free product, exclusive bonuses & redeemable points to get your favorite items for free!  Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in & I'd love to help you get started.  Otherwise, just make sure this box is unchecked when you purchase your kit!